Remove URL Referrer Service

If you link to a website, and someone clicks that link, the administrator on the other page can see in their Analytics stats which website the user is coming from. There are situations where you don’t want the other site to know the source of the traffic.

Why hide referrer sites?

We aren’t going to get into the details of why we seek to hide the website of the referrer. Our goal was to protect our affiliate pages against our competition. Finding niches that produce leads in affiliate market can be time-consuming. Such information needs to be protected so others don’t copy it and start to compete with you. Removal of the referrer’s website was one solution.

This is a quick and easy service that you can use for no cost!

How to Use

You can use the hide referral service by following these steps:

  1. copy the following link: “
  2. edit the “” part with the link towards the website you are linking to and you do not want to be shown as referrer (it can be either a domain home page or a deep link / affiliate link; make sure to include the http or https as well)
  3. you can paste the link in a blog on your website or other websites. Each time someone clicks the link, he/she’ll be redirected the desired link without having the referring site information transferred.